I am unable to consider any aspect of life which is meaningless. This also helps me to find most of the things meaningful: in other words, there is something deep in every thing. It is often buried under the weight of the evil and the hideous, and it is not always possible to set it free and make it come to the surface.

It's a delicate thing, also because in the evil and in the hideous there is a lot of beauty as well. Many people simply cannot see it, a lot of other persons are sensitive and able to get it. This is me.

I love any form of Art, considering it the strongest manifestation of the Divine in the human being. The Creation, so powerful and astonishing.

And in art, it happens that I like authors that are both controversial and aesthete. Directors such as Parajanov, Arrabal, Jodorovski, Zulawsky, Greenaway, Ira Cohen; Makaviev, Jiri Barta, Jan Svankmajer, Terayama, Jarman, Kenneth Anger; Visual artist like Suehiro Maruo, Takato Yamamoto, Vania Zouravliov, Bosch, Caravaggio, Saturno Buttò, Gottfried Helnwein, Clovis Trouille; photographers like Molinier, Witkin, Saudek, Irina Ionesco, Ellen Rogers, John Santerineross and so many more; Japanese dolls artists (a very strong personal obsession, having its roots in my early love for Bellmer) such as Amano Katan, Yoshida Ryo, Mari Shimizu, Tari Nakagawa...

My main interest in life as in art is the Sacred. I devote myself to esoterism and magick. This can explain my common use of religious items (that I collect) with a symbolic value.
I mostly read esoteric authors like Austin Osman Spare, Blavatsky, Elemire Zolla, Mircea Eliade, Evola, Steiner, Eliphas Levi, Guenon and William Blake. But also non-esoteric ones - but still so strongly revealing Truth - like Cioran, Yeats, Pound, Pasolini, De Sade, Kafka, Camus, Debord and more, and more.

And the music I love is mostly located in the industrial area, from apocalyptic folk to martial, from neoclassic to minimalism.

What I definitely love in art is the mis-en-scene (and the analysis) of the struggle between unreal, surreal and hyperreal, that rules the human life beyond the conscious level.

Apart of the art created by artists, I'm fascinated by the artistic aspects of nature. This may sound quite easy: whoever would find amazing a deep wood, or a waterfall, or a crystal sea... and of course I do, too.
But still, I concentrate myself more - and again - to those things that most of the people can find disturbing. I love anatomy, and while loving it I am particularly fascinated by freaks... and by that old, a bit scary medical equipment that looks more like means of torture; I love entomology, insects are complex creatures; I love cryptozoology, as these unreal/surreal/hyperreal animals may exist in our fantasy, but I guess this strong, powerful fantasy - that actually became a Legend in most of the cases - is even able to create the beasts: so, they must be somewhere. I love taxidermy, love the way a human tries to freeze a body in an eternal undead corpse... in a sort of stillborn being "au contraire".

There is a lot of hidden Grace in such things, which are usually considered repulsive by the common sense: the same common sense that -at the very beginning of our life, against our will - infects us, limiting us and not allowing us to see that sparkle of holy which is everywhere, also in the poorest and meanest things, driving us further and further from the real Beauty and Truth.

My goal is to reveal to myself, and eventually to everyone, that Beauty, and that Truth.